Day 9: A day without plans

Today was a free day, which meant that there would be no plans for the day and we could do whatever we wanted. We woke up later than usual since we were chatting with each other in the hotel lobby the night before. As such, while some students had breakfast, other students did not eat anything in the morning; they needed more time to sleep.

For lunch, we went to a great restaurant. It was not very far from our hotel and the food was really delicious there. We ate together, and it felt warm and relaxıng, just like a big family.

After lunch we had many options for activities. Since the weather was good, some students went for a walk with their friends along the coast, some of them went shopping, and others went back to the hotel to rest or use the wifi to communicate with our parents. Afterward, we had dinner in the hotel at 6:30pm as usual.

Many of us are excited for the next hotel, which we will go to tomorrow. We heard that it will be the best one yet!

Silence Zhou