Day 11: Visiting the Hierapolis at Pamukkale

Today is 11th day in Turkey. Also, the second day of the fourth hotel. I think this hotel is better than the other hotel that we stayed before, because the room is big, meal is very delicious, and they have spa in hotel.

We went to Hierapolis archaeological site. Romans lived in this place.There were many column from building, grave,bathroom,theater and hot spring. Many used things what from the other building in the past used for make the wall of Romans building. Also, there were graves. Romans had two kind of grave. They used round grave and rectangle grave. Round grave was bigger than the another grave. So, Romans could into the grave together. They also have bath room. It was called Latrin. In the bathroom, there was no wall to separate. So, many Romans use bathroom while talking people who sit next. Also, there was roman theater. So, Romans were able to enjoyed listening songs and play in this theater. In addition we walked the top where a hot spring appeared. There was covered by calcium. So, it was looks like the mountain where it snowed.

The reason that I chose turkey is, I wanted to know food culture and I heard that Turkish people is kindness. I think that I could learn those two things from this Turkish project. I think the most popular meal in turkey is kebab. Also, kebab was made by beef, chicken or lamb. When we eat meal at restaurant, every restaurant have tea. Especially, they have apple tea. Many stuff of store always drink the tea. So, kebab and tea is important to Turkish people. As I thought, Turkish people is friendly, because many people say hello to us. The stuff of Turkish ice cream store makes us happy by doing something funny. Therefore, turkey is wonderful country, and I am glad I decided to go to turkey.

Hitomi Irie