Final day: Music and dance in Turkey

Today, out of many, was one of my favorite days. We started off by waking up late, followed by breakfast, which at this hotel, is amazing. Then, we got in our mini tour bus, (to be able to fit into the mini streets needed to get to all the places today), and we were off to our Turkish belly dancing class. Our class was located in, what I thought, was the coolest place in Istanbul. I would describe it as the Soho of Istanbul.

After a mighty flight of stairs, we made it to the dance studio and began to warm up. After an hour and a half and a whole dance choreography later, we finished the class and went to lunch.

After lunch we went on a little ferry or boat and had a tour of the strait of Bosphorus. We saw everything from mosques to mansions and some super awesome, family summer homes.

We then went back to the hotel and had free time, which I spent drinking heaps of coffee to help me stay awake for the rest of today and tomorrow. After some chill time, we went to a dinner/performance, which was amazing.

We watched Turkish folk dancing and Turkish belly dancing and even got a nice little knife show, which Vinny participated in! Once that was over, we came back to the hotel, packed our things, and left for the airport at 3 am. Turkey is one of the most beautiful and culture filled countries I have ever been to. This trip will be forever remembered!

Savannah McMenamin