Day 8: The leather factory and the food culture in Turkey

Today was a rainy day and and also the 8th day of our trip. On the morning, we went to a leather factory call Populer Leather. Because Turkey is famous for its textiles and leathers, leather clothes were made there for expensive brands such as Gucci. We watched a fantastic fashion show there, and some of us even joined the show. Those models were wearing different designs of all different kind of the leather clothes, it was a really cool experience. Some of the group members also bought some nice jackets.


For lunch, we tried the famous local lamb kebab and hand made beef meat balls it was delicious. The most common food in Turkey are those kebabs, there are lamb,chicken and so many different kebabs except pork kebab. Pork is not a common meat in Turkey, since most of the people in Turkey are Muslims. According to Quran, it said that is better for Muslim to not eat pig.

Sunny Guo

Day 7: Village of Sirince and the city of Kusadasi

Today was the 7th day of our amazing Turkey trip. The weather is sunny after yesterday ‘s rain. today, we are leaving the city of bergama and heading to the city of Kusadasi and we will stop for lunch. On the way we saw a lot of olive trees.


We also stopped to see one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World : the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, but unfortunately there is only one pillar left. Then we went up to a hill and stopped at a small village call Sirince. We saw an abandoned Greek Orthodox Church of St. John there. After that, we had some free time to walk around the village and have lunch.

The village is tiny but is really pretty. This village is famous for its olive oil and olive oil products. Also there were so many cute animals inside the village.

After the village, we had a few mins of bus drive. Then we arrived the city of Kusadasi. The city is wonderful. It is near the Aegean Sea. The view is just incredible. Our hotel is nice and everything is great. What a fabulous day.

IMG_8138 IMG_8144

Sunny Guo

Personal thoughts

It has been 7 days since we arrived Turkey! This country is totally amazing, people are kind, food are delicious, culture are characteristic and scenery are beautiful.

The most impressive thing in Turkey for me is soccer. Many people are very passionate to soccer, there are always stores selling soccer jerseys and equipment beside the road. Turkish soccer league is very successful a and attractive, there are 4 renowned clubs in the league. Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor. (Beşiktaş has just won over English Classic team Liverpool on Europa League, that night Turkish people were so crazy) The comfortable environment and steady economic conditions attract a lot of high-level international players to come and play here. (Wesley Sneijder, Demba Ba, José Sosa…) They also have a successful national team (Which has Arda Turan, Nuri Şahin and Hakan Çalhanoglu).


The food here is also delicious. Usually they eat lamb and chicken, beef sometimes. It is kind of weird to have a lot of sausage for breakfast, but most of Turkish people do. All the food have high calories, they use a lot of honey while making dessert, and foodstuffs are very cheap compare to U.S, so it will absolutely make you fatter to travel in Turkey for 2 weeks.

Everybody knows that turkey has a long history, that’s why it left a lot of ruins of the old castle and temple. Not only ruins, they also have some tradition skills left, such as manufacturing gem and making carpet. These skills are handed down to the next generation, these intangible cultural heritages will pass and save well.
Turkey is amazing, and I’m looking forward to our trip tomorrow! 🙂


Ryan Zhang

Day 6: Visiting Acropolis and Jewelry store

Today was the 6th day of our Field Academy trip in Turkey. We reached Bergama yesterday evening. After having a nice breakfast, we headed to Bergama Acropolis Archaeological Site. We took cable cars to the top of the mountain. We have seen a lot of stones, fragments and marbles, and which were used to be parts of the Acropolis. We walked around to view more. We saw the architectural fragments and elements on the ground and upon the hill, which were here belong to Trajan’s Temple(2nd C AD). Although it was destroyed and collapsed as time passed, several parts and pieces of the temple was restored on the original find-spot. Those elements and fragments attracted and gave us a strong impression of the talent that ancient people had. During our free time in the site, we hugged the 2000 years columns and marble pieces, and also we took our group photos. According to the introduction from our tour guider, Suleyman Karaz, there were huge substructure underneath the ground such as arches. The reason why people filled the hillside was that they wanted a flat are in order to build this temple. Thereafter, we saw a enormous ancient theater, which had the capacity of 8000 people. It was so amazing but steep. After we saw several other impressive places, we took cable cars again back to the bottom of mountain.

We had lunch and went to the Gold, Silver, Jewelry and Onyx Factory. It was a small workshop and there were was a big store behind it. The manager of this workshop introduced some machines and stones to us. His father also polished a round marble and made it smooth as a gift to us. We appreciated that. In this store, we saw plenty beautiful and attractive jewelries. Some of us bought some for themselves or others.

Doris Zhu