Day 3: An unforgettable day in Istanbul

imageToday is the third day of the trip, the second day in Turkey and actually the first day we visit the amazing country. After having a Turkish breakfast at hotel, we began our sightseeing with a drive along the Golden Horn, which is a waterway that separates Istanbul into Asian part and European part.

The first place we visit was the hippodrome, that symbolizes that Constantinople was the capital of the ‘new Roman Empire’ like Rome. Then we went to the Blue Mosque, which is a impressive building with six minarets used for men gathering together to pray every Friday noon. It was the first time for all girls to put on headscarves. After that, we walked to the Hagia Sofia, once used as a church then a mosque and a museum nowadays. It was made of thousands of well-cut marbles about 2500 years ago. All of us were amazed by the magnificent architecture and the wisdom of ancient people.

In the afternoon, we walked to the Spice Market and had free time there. We found innumerable kinds of spices, Turkish delights and colorful local customs. For both of us, we went into a café and had a Turkish afternoon tea with Turkish coffee, traditional black tea and rice pudding. Many of others bought a lot of souvenirs for friends and families. We all enjoyed the wonderful weather and the exciting tour today : )

Lucy Wu and Ziqing Song

Days 1 and 2: To Turkey we go…

We began our journey around 10:20 am on February 24th on a bus to the JFK Airport. At the airport we witnessed a large group of Orthodox Jews praying before our flight to the Frankfurt Airport in Germany. We barely got any sleep during the seven hour flight to Germany even though we tried. We spent the layover hunting for food, drinking coffee and playing card games. By that time we were very anxious to arrive into Istanbul, Turkey. When we did arrive we surprisingly went quickly through passport control and after that we got our luggage and met up with our tour guide Suleyman. On our way to the hotel we passed by the ancient wall of Constantinople, the Sea of Marmara and we saw the Hagia Sophia in a distance. Luckily our hotel is located near the Blue Mosque and surrounded by lots of stores, markets, etc. By the time we got our room assignments the time changes started catching up to us. When we got situated in our rooms we spent the next three hours trying to stay awake so we could get acclimated to the time difference. Around 6:30 pm we went downstairs to have a buffet dinner as a conclusion of our two days of travel.

Kendall Scala and Jhané Gibson