Day 2 – Philadelphia

We had breakfast at the hotel in King of Prussia and at 8:45, we left the hotel and headed to Valley Forge in Philadelphia. Around 9:30, we began touring Valley Forge. This is where General Washington and his troops stayed for their third winter during the American War for Independence. We learned about how hard it was to survive during this time. Between the shortage of supplies and the harsh winter, there was only one battle fought at Valley Forge and it was nothing more than a small skirmish with only one casualty and a few other injuries. The army only stayed at Valley Forge for six months and in June 1778 they departed for Philadelphia.

IMG_2470IMG_2490From Valley Forge, we continued on to Philadelphia where we ate lunch. After lunch we headed to Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin’s house and grave, Betsy Ross’ house and the Bill of Rights Museum. We also saw the Rocky statue! Finally, we ate dinner and drove to Washington D.C.

Today, we learned about the government during the 1700’s. It was fascinating to see the historical buildings, most of them preserved the way they were when the likes of Ben Franklin and George Washington walked among them. Our noble companion and mascot, Carleton the Dragon, accompanied us on our colonial adventures. Until next time!

– Chandler, Laina, and Ollie