Day 5: Washington D.C

3/10 Day 5   Kevin Jim

Today morning , we went to SPY Museum. We saw many interesting and different SPY tool. There are many strange monitor and weapon. For example, there is a mini handgun hidden in a cigarette case. It is an amazing place. And then, we went to a museum where Lincoln was killed. This place told us how Lincoln was killed. We ate lunch at USA History Museum. Then we visited this Museum. There are many beautiful pictures and statues. Also we saw 3D movie in this museum. After that we went to an Animal Museum (Natural History Museum). We saw many amazing things in this museum, like some strange ocean animals , many beautiful diamonds and some sample of ground animals. Then we rode in bus about 2 hours so we watched a movie to pass time. We learn many useful things today. We learn a lot American history today. What an interesting day!