day six for Field Academy

At first we went to the GETTYSBURG NATIONAL MILITARY PARK Museum & Visitor Center. We saw a thirty five minute movie about the Civil War, and then we saw the work of art of war. The work of art is a circle around us, and it is 43 feet high. It was made by paint; it was painted a long time ago. Then we walked around in the museum. We saw many artifacts from soldiers like the clothes, uniforms, and different guns. After we left the guest center, we met a tour guide for the battle field. We took a bus tour of the Gettysburg battlefield. The tour guide showed us where the Union and Confederate armies stood and fought. The monuments on the battlefield were placed by the veterans of the Civil War.  The tour guide taught us knowledge of Gettysburg. Pictures and Text by Martin WangIMG_0273IMG_0249IMG_0276