Here at the Virgin Island Eco Resource Station (VIERS)

Today was the third day on Field Academy but the second day at VIERS. We woke up at 7 am and went to breakfast for pancakes. After our first breakfast in the jungle we headed over to the green pavilion to do some yoga with Mrs. D’Agostino. Having a relaxed and fresh mind after traveling the other day allowed us to be ready for today. Tony then led us around the camp. He taught us how the camp works with water and electricity. He explained how the water was purified before we were able to drink it. After that we took a hike to Yawzi point. After taking loads of pictures, we headed back to camp to have lunch and get ready for the beach. While snorkeling in Small Lameshur Bay we saw parrotfish, stingrays, squid, small colorful fish, sea urchins, and lots of different types of coral. After the long and tiring day of snorkeling and hiking, we spent two hours listening to Mr. Devine teach us about the patterns of the islands and its beaches. Overall today was a very interesting and fun day for all of us. The snorkeling and learning about the islands and took a lot out of us today and left us tired and ready for bed.

~ Tali and Mendi

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  1. Tali and Mendi–tell people to post some pictures. The descriptions sound beautiful–even the about of the camera (iPhone 6 with water proof case…), but I want to see what you are seeing! 🙂
    Thank you!

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