An Ode to the Sea Urchan

Today was my first time trying snorkeling. The beach was really beautiful, and I really enjoyed snorkeling in the ocean. I still remember when I first tried to put on the mask: I felt so nervous because the pipe was too short and I was so afraid that the water was going to get into my mouth through the tube. But, after I told my team leader Jack about my worry, he told me, “Frank, trust me, it’s going to be fine.” I tried and then I failed. The seawater was so salty, and tasted so bad. After millions of tries, finally I made it. I tried to go deeper and deeper, and the view was getting better and better. I took out my lovely IP6WP (IPhone 6 with water proof case) and started to take selfies under the water with seaweed and then I saw Gianna was swimming next to me and I asked her to take an underwater selfie with me. After the water got deeper and deeper, I saw lots of Sea Urchins (My best friend). I don’t know why they’d put some weird clothes on, but I could tell that they were my best friend, Uni. I don’t know why they were trying to pretend they didn’t know me and protect themselves, and that’s why I wrote a letter to them.

Dear Sea Urchin,

I feel we are so close but so far. We are so close because I just saw you under the ocean this afternoon. We are so far because you have been protected, I can’t put you in my mouth.

2 thoughts on “An Ode to the Sea Urchan

  1. Frank–I love this creative post–glad you were able to conquer the snorkel and befriend the sea urchin.

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