Day Six- Hiking, Kayaking & Snorkeling

Our St. John trip is passing really fast. I can’t believe that already 5 days on this beautiful island have passed. After the nice breakfast-Burrito we went to the beach and had a short but beautiful yoga session on the beach with view on the ocean. After that we directly went for a beautiful hike up a high mountain. It was very exhausting but also very fun. From time to time you got very nice views of the hiking-path onto the ocean and over the island. I thought that we would have a very nice view of the top of the mountain but the trail ended on a road, so we had to live with the view up the hiking trail. When we got back to camp the VIERS-Volunteers had a very nice lunch already prepared for us. Everybody ate a lot because we were very exhausted after this long hike. We had a long break after lunch because it was raining quite heavily, so we stayed in camp. But the rain stopped after an hour and we could get onto the beach, into the water. Some of us went out to snorkel, others went for some afternoon kayaking, like me. I enjoyed it very much to be on the water and just relax and get a little tan. But after 20 minutes on the water the sun hid behind a big cloud and the wind started to pick up again, so we had to return to the dock. We went back to camp for dinner. After dinner we talked in the classroom about what we did today, what we saw out in the water, and math; we also went over the schedule for tomorrow and it sounded very exciting. Overall it was a great day with a lot of action and walking around. The days are very exhausting and I think everybody enjoys the moment when they can go to bed and turn of the lights. I personally love it to sleep with the noise of nature around me. But sometimes one of the birds is too loud for me and I wake up during the night.

I really enjoy the stay and overall the environment and especially the warmth. I have not had time to get tan yet. I think this is a bad thing for me but it also shows how much work we are doing and how busy we are with all the opportunities and activities we are doing during the day.

~ Theophil Legat