Day Seven- Waterlemon Cay, The Sugarmill Ruins and Marine Life

We started off our day with optional yoga after breakfast outside. Shortly after yoga we packed our own lunches, gathered our scuba gear, and walked past Little Lameshur Bay to check out the ruins. It seemed to be the hottest morning so far and all of us were ready to swim. Before we could snorkel we went to see the Annanberg Sugar Mill Plantation. We soaked in the sun as we walked around the historical and self-guided ruins. Most of us were so thrilled to snorkel Waterlemon Cay it was difficult to pay attention to complete the tour. After the ruins we began walking on paths along the beach to go to Waterlemon Cay. From the beach we could see Tortola, Jos Van Dyke, Mary Point, The British Virgin Islands, and even a few smaller islands; the view was absolutely phenomenal. After a half an hour or so we reached the point we intended to place our stuff and swim off of. We split up into our four groups and began snorkeling towards the island one group at a time. On the way towards the island the most memorable organisms included a trumpet fish, some really large rainbow parrotfish, massive sea urchins (in comparison to the other ones we have seen so far), and an unusually colored Nudibranch. Going towards the island was a little rough for some due to the current and minor mask malfunctions, but nobody had problems going around the island with the current working with us rather than against us. This was definitely one of the better snorkel excursions so far on this trip. Not to mention the walk along the beach was pleasant with fascinating birds that I have never seen before. When we arrived back at VIERS we quickly regrouped and most of us went back to Little Lameshur to swim, tan, and catch the sunset. We stayed for an hour and witnessed the lovely sunset until we had to return for dinner. We then got some free time to relax; it was the perfect way to end our day.

~ Evi Kaasik-Saunders