Ram’s Head and Salt Pond Bay, Traditional Dance and Drumming

On the 8th day of M-term, we started off with yoga at the green pavilion. Then we were sent out to pack our lunches for our day at Salt Pond Bay. Some people packed 2 sandwiches and some packed 1. Eisei and I were really hungry so we packed 2 sandwiches, 2 cookies, 3 bags of chips, and a bag of fruits. After that, we proceed to go on Hamilton’s taxi and we went to the Salt Pond Bay. On the way to Ram head, we saw two big rocky sides of the mountains and it turns out to be a fault line. A fault line is when two tectonic plates of the Earth meet. After we got there, we were in a shrubland environment. It was a really nice hike and we enjoyed it a lot.

20150303_10122820150303_104454Next, we went on another hike to Drunk Bay named after drowned sailors. At Drunk Bay, people leave coral figures and a big heart made of rope to make a mark about the memories they had in there. We tried to make a cool picture on the rocks where the waves hit them but we never had the right timing. It was a magnificent place there we have been to.

20150303_100722 20150303_113710

At night, Ital came over to VIERS and taught us how to dance and sing native Virgin Islands songs with native instruments. He also showed us his arts and crafts made by plant seeds and calabash. We had so much fun today, singing and dancing all together. We danced to folk tunes and Ital’s own tunes. We danced to the beat of the drums and the traditional instruments that he had with him.

~ Michelle and Eisei