Observing Marine Life- Snorkeling off the Boat

RIMG0213We went on the boat Low Key to snorkel. I wasn’t feeling I want to go into the water today but Mr. Dagostino convinced me that today is the last chance we are going to do the snorkel, maybe should take the gear with you, so you can decide when you get on the boat. So I got my snorkel gear with me and got on the boat. There was a distance covered by water between the shore and boat, so I was half wet when I got on the boat. Therefore, I decided to go into the water.

When we arrived in the middle of the sea, everyone were in the water already, but I was still struggling about going in the water or not. Then I decided to swim around the boat, and snorkel without the fins, and it was actually pretty fun.

We went to next spot; the water was so clear and the weather was so good. I did the same thing, but I got into the water at the right moment this time, I saw a sea turtle, and I follow it until it swam faraway. I felt it was worth to go into water.

— Chenhong Lu& John Liou