Day 11- Community Service at VIERS and Kayaking

Drip…. drip….. drip…. We woke up to the sound of the rain. Some were unpleased to wake up to the sound of rain because all the clothes that where hung up to dry where bound to get wet, but most where pleased because they remembered the importance of rain to this dry habitat. Rain holds much more than a source of water, it serves a vital purpose in the daily lives of not only the islands, but the visitors of VIERS. After waking up in a panic to get our clothes out of the rain we ate nutritious breakfast burritos and native, organic fresh-cut fruit. This was the perfect start to our morning which was followed by daily yoga to provide balance to our busy island lives.

After the daily yoga session, we paid our tribute to the community of St. John USVI by helping out in the VIERS camp. We cleared a field from rocks, racked leaves, cleaned the café an roads. The bell rung for lunch. We rushed into the kitchen to get our delicious ham and cheese sandwiches. After lunch we had some free time.

Some decided to break down their wall of insecurity and go kayaking, while others relaxed on the beach. Both activities were disrupted by the love/hate rain of the Virgin Islands. As we gathered back to the campgrounds from our day excursions we found common ground in the smell of food which was waiting for us for dinner. We enjoyed delicious chicken, home-grown potatoes, and a few vegan delights. After filling our bellies with nutritious food gathered and grown for our mother—earth, we scurried to the classroom to hear an important message.

~ Nevia and Fei