We’ve arrived!

Today was already the second day of the Field Academy. In the early morning, we had a flight to Saint Thomas Island and it was the most interesting landing that I’ve ever seen. We were so close to the water, and I felt that we were going to crash into the water! However at the last second the land appeared under the plane. Then we got a “safari” taxi that did not have any windows or doors; it only had a cover from the sun. By the “safari” taxi we got to the ferry station. By the ferry we went to Saint John Island. It was extremely windy! After that, we took the “safari” taxi again, but the second time was much interesting. Also, it was much funnier, because one of the students had brought the speaker and we were listening to music. We were ascending that hills over and over, and there were amazing views! Then, finally we came to VIERS and moved into our cabins. We went to the beach that was very close to our camp. It was like a paradise! The water was clear and warm. Amazing! Everybody then had free time and had dinner. During the dinner, Dr. Szczepanski found a new friend in the canteen, called Sebastian. It is a lizard. By the way, it is still here.
So, today was very interesting day. We learned something new, got closer with the other students during the trip. Also, it was amazing to swim in the sea, in the warm weather, especially coming from winter. When we had a first meeting in the school, I expected that we would be more difficult living conditions. However, now I like the place where I am. It is like a paradise!
~Anna Popova