My Project

Fashion Design


Student:Patty Pang
Mentor:Jennifer Cross
Domains:Visual Art
Faculty Grader: Therese Lichtenstein

Documentation of Product

For my Senior Project, I designed several clothes, and made six outfits from my designs

I am mainly designing for young ladies. In order to make a lady become striking and gorgeous while she is wearing my dress, I have to respect that the true beauty of women. After careful reflection, I finally came up with the core idea of my philosophy:  simple and pure structure, noticeable fabrics, and ornate decoration. Some masterpieces, such as Coco Chanel’s and D&G, inspired me to make clothes simple but elegant. The faces, body shapes, and their behaviors of girls around me inspired me from some unique perspectives. I can even imagine how will they look when they are in the dress. Every dress should follow the female form rather than contradict it because the form is the most charming part of women beauty. In my opinion, the best dress is the one that can complement a woman’s figure.

My Senior Project helped me to take an important step toward my big goal of becoming a fashion designer. I feel I am now more a doer than an idealist. It not only made my goal reality, but also helped me gain confidence.

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