My Project—-Bamboo Shelter

Bamboo Shelter

Student:Steven Zhao Zhe
Mentor:Elaine Parshall
Domains: 50% Visual Arts 50% Science
Faculty Grader: Ned Smyth

My senior project’s topic is Bamboo Shelter. It is a shelter that is combined with art and structure. I built it on the grass between the center of well-being and the middle school building. So if someone who is interested, you can just take a look when you pass through the Ross Campus.

Why I am doing this project?

Last M-term, I took the Ms. Parshall’s class which is talking about the displacement people in the world. As a part of this class achievement, I have designed and built a small bamboo shelter, which can fit two people sleeping there. I put it behind the high school building. But, unfortunately, after a month when I checked it again, it was collapsed. In that class, I learned how those displacement people live, so I also made a website to show the displacement people living in the Syria and Armenia. Their life and the situations they faced: they need to hide and ran from the soldiers’ chase, which shocked me and the shelter that they made interests me a lot.
Then, Ms. Parshall talked to me and said why you don’t think to choose to build a another bamboo shelter? Thus, I decided to make a real bamboo shelter as my senior project.

My goals

1. Make the project seems nature

2. Experience the basic ideas of engineering

3. Feel happy and sense of achievement

My inspiration

There is a Iranian architect building his bamboo shelter in Mazabdaran which inspire me a lot.

The final bamboo shelter’s dimension is 4.88 meters in width, 5.4 meters in length and 3 meters in height.

Documentation of Product

Bamboo Shelter_Sketch UpBamboo Shelter_final

the base of the shelter building sheltertie the bamboos top of the shelterCutting BamboosCutting_BamboosBamboosAfter cutting the bamboosBuying materials


Exhibition & Presentation Summary

My Senior Project Presentation

Works Consulted

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